Shipping Instructions to the UK

We ship to the UK, however there are a few added steps due to the tax regulation.

Here is how we can ship to the UK:

  • Place your order from our online shop. You will be charged for the products. You will not be charged for VAT or shipping.
  • Because of the customs tax involved, we cannot handle booking the delivery of the package. Please book the DHL delivery using one of the available services. We recommend Parcel Booker. They will ask you for the dimensions of the package (see below).
  •  We will contact you by email to ask if anything is needed from our end in order to send the wines out.
  • When the package has arrived in the UK, HM Revenue & Customs will contact you and let you know how much you need to pay for an import/customs tax before the parcel can be delivered.

Approximate dimensions of our shipping boxes:

Number of bottlesSize (mm)Weight (kg)
3 bottles366x269x97 mm5 kg
6 bottles274x185x374 mm9 kg
12 bottles363x276x374 mm18 kg

On Parcel Broker’s site you can get shipping cost estimates. Since Brexit we have shipped many packages this way to our UK customers, and despite the additional steps, the process is quite smooth.


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