The Eger Collection (6-Pack)

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Eger is one of Hungary’s most renowned historical wine regions. Its northern climate and its higher location produce elegant and balanced wines, with fresh acidity and bright fruit. Eger is best known for its blends (like Bull’s Blood), but these wines are all single varietals!

This Box Includes:

Toth Ferenc Winery 

Ferenc Tóth—usually referred to as Feri bácsi, or “Uncle Frank”—was born and raised in Eger, and now has nearly seven decades of harvests under his belt. Tóth made his first Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) at the age of 16. But under the Communist regime, he wasn’t allowed to be a winemaker. Instead he worked in construction, but always made wine on the side. In 1983 Tóth and his wife, Marika, were able to acquire a 1.5 hectare vineyard, and started their little family winery. The Tóth family now has 30 hectares of vineyards on some of Eger’s best slopes, and the next generation joined the winery—their daughter, Katalin, and her husband. Ferenc Tóth is a big advocate of the Kadarka grape. He was named “Winemaker of the Year in Eger 2012,” and the family always aims to keep a balance between preserving the old-school Eger styles and traditions, while using the most modern technology, to make outstanding wines.

Havas & Timár Winery

Havas & Timár Winery is a small winery in Eger, founded by two long-time friends—Balázs Havas and László Tímár—in 2011. Balázs, a Budapest native, is the winemaker and oversees the vineyards. The pair started out with no vineyards of their own. But today they own one hectare (2.5 acres) of land in Eger and they buy the rest of their grapes from local growers, with the quality strict controlled by Balázs. Before switching to winemaking (and studying it at Corvinus University in Budapest) Balázs had a career in hospitality, with nature being a particular passion of his. He loves that winemaking allows him to follow both his passion for nature and for wine.

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Wine Region Wine Style
Wine Type Vintage
Producer Varietals
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