Lazenne Wine Suitcase

39,000 Ft inc. VAT


Travel Easier With Your Wine!

It’s the big dilemma when you travel—you fall in love with the wine, it’s unavailable to buy at home, you want to bring a few bottles home, but you don’t have the space! And also, how many bottles are you even allowed to bring? Most people don’t realize there is not a limit on the number of bottles you can bring back to the US (as long as you pay the duty, which is minimal) and Canada also has generous allowances. If you live within the EU you can bring up to 90 bottles duty free! The Lazenne Wine Check Luggage has a bottle protector inside and can safely hold 12 bottles.

There is a lot of confusion about how to fly with wine. Check out Lazenne’s site for information, tips on how to travel with wine. Click here to see the exact rules for each country. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with a few special wines during your travels in Hungary, why not bring them home with you!

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