Hungarian Paprika Selection (Hódi Family, Szeged) (4-Pack)

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Hungary is inextricably associated with paprika—the essential spice which gives Hungarian dishes their signature bold orange red color and peppery bite. Though peppers were not introduced to Hungary until the 16th century, the spice has come to symbolize Hungarian cuisine and is a vital part of any Hungarian pantry.

About The Producer

This paprika is from the Hódi family in Szeged, one of the two main paprika-producing regions in southern Hungary. The family-run company is one of the few which undertakes the entire paprika production process with their own hands: they grow and harvest the peppers, dry and grind them into paprika powder, and then package, market, and sell it. Peppers are a way of life for the Hódis, with fifth-generation Ágota heading the company, Their small manufactory is located just a few minutes from their paprika fields.

This is amongst the most high-quality paprika produced in Hungary. The Hódis exclusively use their own peppers for paprika production, and they prefer the varieties that are traditional to the Szeged region. The peppers are harvested at their peak ripeness, air-dried, and then ground in a stone mill. The Hódi’s farm sustainably, and this year they produced their first certified organic paprika. This paprika has a beautiful deep, rusty reddish color, with rich and full flavors. It contains no additives. The Hódi family was one of the first in Hungary to make smoked paprika.


  • Hódi Sweet Paprika (70 grams)
  • Hódi Smoked Sweet Paprika (70 grams)
  • Hódi Hot Paprika (70 grams)
  • Hódi Smoked Hot Paprika (70 grams)

Learn More

Hódi paprika (and our shop in Budapest) was featured as one of “12 Treasures of Europe” in a New York Times article. Hódi paprika is also used in the kitchens of some of Budapest’s finest Michelin-starred restaurants.

Read our interview with Ágota Hódi, to learn more about her family’s history with paprika, the proper way to store paprika,  and more!

We’ve also written a guide to Hungarian paprika, and you can find recipes for some Hungarian dishes starring paprika on our blog:

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