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Join Our Free Weekly Virtual Wine Tastings!

Our mission of introducing you to new ideas, flavors, and stories about Hungarian culinary culture continues with our Facebook live events. We welcome you to tune in whether you have these wines or not! Pour yourself a glass of whatever you have on hand, or order the wines in advance to taste along with us (available in Hungary and Europe). Orders for Budapest delivery should be placed at least 48 hours in advance (free delivery, if your order is more than 20,000 HUF)! Orders for the rest of Europe should be placed at least a week in advance (see the shipping charges) … The wines are also available to order after the Facebook live event takes place.

How to Watch: If you follow us on Facebook already, just tap the ‘Live Now’ notification at the time of the event. If you don’t follow us, just head over to our profile at the and you’ll see the video!

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Upcoming Facebook Live Tastings

Somms in the Kitchen
November 25th @7pm CET

The Tasting Table sommeliers head into the kitchen to teach you how to prepare a classic Hungarian Christmas specialty—poppyseed bejgli, found everywhere during the Christmas season—while doing a tasting of three wines. Whether you have the wines or not, join us for some fun in the kitchen of The Tasting Table! If you’d like to prepare bejgli at home along with us, see our Facebook page for the list of ingredients you’ll need.

  • Dry Furmint, 2014,  Füleky Winery, Tokaj
  • Sziklabor Cabernet Franc, 2016, Balla Géza Winery, Ménes (Romania)
  • Late Harvest, 2016, Oremus Winery, Tokaj

Wines of the Month
December 2nd @7pm CET

What are we enjoying drinking the most these days? See what is in our glasses as we head into December.

  • Marga Furmint, 2019, Szent Donat Winery, Balatnfüred-Csopak
  • Kabar, 2018, Füleky Winery, Tokaj
  • Trinitas Villányi Franc, 2016, Heumann Winery, Villány

Live with Winemaker: Gere
December 9th @7pm CET
Attila Gere is an iconic figure of Hungary’s wine scene. He established the Gere Winery just after the regime change in 1991. Gere is not only one of the pioneers of quality winemaking in Hungary after the change of regimes, but he is also a pioneer in Hungarian wine tourism. His wines are still, and always, amazing.

  • Portugieser (Organic Selection), 2019, Gere Winery, Villány
  • Fekete Jardovany, 2018, Gere Winery, Villány
  • Villanyi Franc, Ördögárok Vineyard, 2017, Gere Winery, Villány

How It’s Made: Different Styles of Sparkling Wine
December 16th @7pm CET
Pezsgő—the Hungarian name for sparkling wine—is all we want to drink around this time of year. It has been produced in Hungary since the first half of the 19th century, and Hungarians like to drink a lot of it! We’ll be presenting different styles, and discussing the several different methods for producing it.

  • Frizzante, 2017, Erzsebet Winery, Tokaj
  • Ezerjó Gold Sparkling Brut, Frittmann Winery, Kunság
  • Classic Sparkling Brut NV, Kreinbacher Estate, Somló

Past Facebook Live Tastings

You can still buy these wines!

Live with Winemaker: Csilla Sebestyén
October 7th @7pm CET

  • Indigo (Zweigelt), 2019
  • Porkoláb-Völgy Franc, 2017
  • Nánai Kékfrankos, 2018
  • Grádus Cuvée, 2015

How It’s Made: Organic, Biodynamic, and Natural Wine
October 14th @7pm CET 

  • Birtokbor, Centurio Estate, Mátra, 2019
  • Tabula Rasa, Válibor Winery, Badacsony, 2018
  • Pinot Noir, Losonci Bálint, 2018

Somms In The Kitchen
October 21st @7pm CET

  • Kadarka,Tóth Ferenc Winery, Eger, 2017
  • Blue Secret, Heumann Winery, Villány, 2017
  • Rhapsody Bikavér, Nimrod Kovács Winery, Eger, 2016

Meet The Tasting Table’s Somms
October 28th @7pm CET

  • Cuvée, Kőfejtő Estate, Somló, 2017
  • Turán, Csernyik Winery, Mátra, 2o18
  • Kékfrankos, Cseri Winery, Pannonhalma, 2017

Wines of the Month
November 4th @7pm CET

  • Birtok Hárslevelű, Vincze Tomi, Tokaj, 2018
  • Magma Kékfrankos, Szent Donát Estate, Balatonfüred-Csopak, 2018
  • Soul (Syrah), Kovács Nimród Winery, Eger, 2016

Live with Winemaker: Angelika Arváy
November 11th @7pm CET 

  • Sauvignon Blanc, Arváy Winery, Tokaj, 2016
  • Birtok Furmint, Arváy Winery, Tokaj, 2016
  • Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos, Arváy Winery, Tokaj, 2011

How It’s Made: Sweet Wines from Tokaj
November 18th @7pm CET 

  • Sweet Szamorodni, Karádi-Berger Winery, Tokaj, 2017
  • Fordítás, Erzsébet Winery, Tokaj, 2013
  • Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos, Hétszőlő Winery, Tokaj, 2008


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